50 Year Shelf Life Canned Drinking Water

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What is 50 year shelf life Canned Drinking Water?

50 year shelf life canned water was developed to provide safe to drink water in long lasting aluminum cans while providing a fresh taste.

The state of the art high-tech water filtration system includes water filtration followed by sterilization using a variety of processes including UV treatment that purifies the water to less than 1ppm (parts per million) to ensure there are no living organisms such as natural bacteria left in the water and the cans. Once the water is placed in aluminum cans under pressure, it guarantees the water will stay 100% pure and fresh for decades.

The Purified Water in our blue cans will stay fresh for decades, because our aluminum cans protect the contents from light and other environmental factors. So you can have clean, fresh tasting water when you need it.

Frequent testing at independent laboratories confirm that the water contained within the cans is 100% free of CFU's (colony forming units - otherwise known as bacteria), which makes this water safe to store over very long periods of time and completely drinkable without additional preparation required.

The Canned Survival Water is MADE IN USA, right there in California.

- 12 oz of water per can.
- soda style cans with pop top
- no can opener needed to open
- 24 cans per case
- 2.25 gallons of safe drinking water per case
- purified through micro filtration
- reverse osmosis
- UV light treatment to eliminate bacteria
- all materials used for packing can be recycled
- easy to store anywhere at home, fits under the bed too
- made in USA
- canned in Southern California under strict regulations and permits
- storing above freezing to 145 F is possible

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canned water in aluminum cans with 50 year shelf life

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Aluminum Cans versus Plastic Bottles:

Get rid of plastic bottles for good.

We all know plastic bottles harm the environment when thrown into landfills. Did you know they are harmful to your health too? With exposure to light, the plastic material used in plastic bottles breaks down and molecular plastic particles leach into the water, turning the clean looking water into toxic water within only a few months.

The aluminum cans we use will not break down chemically under the influence of the sun and exposure to moisture and water does not cause corrosion to them either, unlike other canned water products that use steel cans. The cans are however fully recyclable which makes them environmentally friendly.

Water spoils -
when it is exposed to sunlight and air which naturally contains CFU's (Colony Forming Units) which are commonly known as live bacteria. Unlike commercially bottled water in plastic bottles, the canned water undergoes a more substantial filtration and treatment process that includes UV light to ensure the water that enters the blue can is 'biologically dead'. While 'biologically dead' sounds strange, it means that the water does no longer contain any CFU's that are alive and could spoil the water over time. This is the first step to ensuring a long shelf life.

The second important step is the packaging. Unlike clear plastic bottles that allow sunlight to penetrate through, the aluminum cans seal the sunlight out and prevent it from coming into contact with the water.

The third important step is to remove air that could contain bacteria during the can sealing process. This is done through a method used in the food preservation industry called Nitrogen flushing. The process replaces the air in the can with Nitrogen, a gas that is harmless to humans, but prohibits bacteria growth.
(78% of the air we breathe is Nitrogen)

The Result -
Unlike water in plastic bottles, the water in our Blue Cans can be stored safely under conditions above freezing for 50 or more years.