50 Year Shelf Life Canned Drinking Water

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Prepare for any Disaster with Canned Drinking Water!

Emergencies and Disasters can happen at any time or place.

And when they happen, the most valuable survival item you need is safe and clean drinking water.

But safe water will also be the most difficult to come by using conventional distribution methods through stores.

Water supplies will either be sold out and difficult to replenish in a timely manner, so you need to plan ahead and have your own supply of water on hand.

You can now be prepared by stocking up on canned drinking water that can be stored for 50 years or more.

50 year canned water

safe drinking water

stop, get 50 year canned water

STOP replacing water in plastic bottles every 6 to 9 months, or drain and wash large water drums that need bleach or other chemicals to conserve the water.

And even if you have water packets with 5 year shelf life, with Blue Can 50 year canned water you no longer will you have to repeatedly spend money on replacing it.

Our 50 year shelf life canned drinking water is made in the USA and the manufacturing process meets and exceeds food manufacturing requirements, so you can rest assured that you will have water available when you need it the most.

ECO friendly product and packing

The aluminum cans used for packing the water are eco friendly and fully recyclable

The water is processed and packed using BPA free materials.

The packing materials are made from cardboard and paper that contain recycled materials and can be recycled after use again.

eco friendly 50 year canned water

Due to its ease of use, storage and quality, BlueCan 50 year shelf life canned water has quickly become the most important emergency preparedness item for families, offices, groups and organizations, schools, hospitals and government agencies.

bluecan canned water

   canned water with 50 year shelf life

JJWTech, Inc., being a vendor to the US Government, is proud to fill the demand.

DUNS number is available upon request.

Government and Volume Buyers,
please contact us or use our pricing request form for a customized price quote based on your requirements.
Thank you!

We do not ship internationally and this product is available to customers within the US only.